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Lovely voice in set pieces. Good
warmth with callers. Listens and
interacts well.  
- Dick Stone (GCAP Media)

Nice warm and friendly voice
who understands her audience
and a bit sexy too! Good
interaction and a general all-rounder.           
- Mark Warr (Tyne Tees tv)

Nice voice. Listened and reacted
well with callers. A real tonic to
listen to!                                   
Clive Warren
(Century Radio Manchester)

Friendly rapport with callers on
the phone. Very informative
about the local area. 
- John Rosborough (U105)

Shay has over 10 years experience in local and commercial
radio, as well as being a talented author & speaker. She is
available for speaking engagements, interviews and
articles on relationship related topics including but not limited to:

- Flirtation Skills

- Dating Tips

- Getting Yourself into the right mindset to meet someone

- Getting Over your Ex & Enjoying Singledom

- How to turn heads

- Where and how to meet The One

- Keeping Love Alive