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Included below are some testimonials from some of Shay's VIP clients.  The full names of clients have been removed to protect their privacy. 

Look Good Enough to Play Grown Up Kiss Chase 

This is the BEAUTIFUL Wendy from, who gave me the great priviledge of letting me style her in readiness for her photoshoot with Christina Morassi in LA (

Before                           After

Wendy has made a short video about her experience of working with me here:

The non-style related work that I do is highly confidential, so many people do not want to be identified, despite being delighted with the results.  I want to respect everyone's privacy when they work with me. However, I have included some testimonials from my previous VIP clients here:

Feel Good Enough to Play Grown Up Kiss Chase

"A Liberating Experience"

"Shay showed me a new way to look at my particular problem by getting me to see things from a completely different angle – a truly liberating experience! She also taught me practical exercises which I continue to use often and therefore I have gained an invaluable and ongoing way to cope and manage my situation. She has a wealth of knowledge and more importantly, the amazing ability to share this in the most patient, professional and caring way."  N


"A Lasting Positive Impact"


"Shay demonstrates professional coaching skills in resolving difficult, personal issues that may have been ignored by their owner for many years.  She is able to offer fresh perspectives that allow those whom she coaches to reach their own conclusions in their own time.  She does so in a reasonable way so that time spent with Shay has a lasting, positive impact" KH


"Gave me the confidence with whatever comes my way"

"Shay taught me to see my situation in a different way and helped me to focus on the positive aspects at a time when I could no longer see them. She is very patient and understanding, and gave me the confidence to not only deal with this situation but with whatever comes my way." M


"Shay's session made me realise what I had to do to be happy again"

I have had a session with Shay when I was in a quite difficult situation in life- I had lived away from home for quite some time, I was not very happy in my current situation but on the other hand was not sure why I was so unhappy at that time and where to go. Shay’s session made me realise what I had to do to be happy again and which steps to take and obstacles to overcome, respectively. She was very empathetic and knew exactly the right questions to ask. At the end of the session, I had a plan, a schedule and knew what I had to do to reach my goal. Her session was a very good experience and very helpful in terms of making the right step forward in my life. W



 "Shay has a small arsenal of tools, methods and advice"


"Shay has a small arsenal of tools, methods and advice to break down and solve the problems you are experiencing in life or love. She took me through a few of her methodologies to help my current relationship over a few hours. Shay was able to help me understand where the successes and problems lay and also offered many helpful suggestions on how things might be improved". S

"...professional, warm, inspirational..."


"Shay is a wonderful empathetic listener. She creates a safe, supported space where her clients can think, explore and find the answers they need. She is a professional, warm, inspirational coach who works skilfully to get the best possible results for her clients."

Meg Reid, UK Coaching Partnership

"...full of encouragement and energy..."


'I was thrilled to be involved in the editing process of Shay's book, the fact that her relationship coaching clients have been prepared to share their success stories with her readers is testament to the strong relationship she builds with them, the trust they have in her and their journey of growth following their coaching.  Shay is full of encouragement and energy which shines through in her book'       
Lynette Allen,