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Why is it that every time a gorgeous man or woman enters a room, your legs turn to jelly and your brain turns to mush? Suddenly you become that little 5 year old child you used to be, feeling a little bit embarrassed about joining in the kiss chase games in the playground. In the adult world, we can't even use  Kiss Chase as an excuse to talk to someone!

Feel Like Playing GUKC

The first step to playing GUKC is to let go of that adult restraint and feel fantastic! Feeling good gets you 80% of the way to winning the game! 

Look like a GUKC Goddess

Wanna turn heads, but don't look like Catherine Zeta Jones? Don't worry, GUKC has tons of techniques designed to make you get them chasing you whether you're a size 8 or 18!


Look good, feel good? Now lets have some real fun. GUKC knows where to go and just what to do to get you dating again!

Caught and Kissed

Winning GUKC is the best feeling in the world! It means getting that date, and ultimately that relationship, you’ve always wanted.  The GUKC way gets you to the perfect place to meet, catch and keep "The One" so that you never have to play GUKC unsuccessfully again!